Who is the Famous Interior Designer?

Katrina Antonovich – Dubai Based Chief Interior Designer/ World’s Famous Interior Designer

From the aristocratic family that leads the highest standards of architectural, engineering and interior design Industry Worldwide, Indeed the keen and creativity run to her blood. Katrina Antonovich has accomplished an international academic education in the world capital of regal luxury. Her great foundation is what keeps her the endures of great creativity and passion for the world of art and design.

Katrina Antonovich is the author of the top of the line accomplished projects not only in Dubai but all over the world. Her major projects that have been received a highly satisfactory performance in the international standards of interior design and architecture is located at the prime areas of USA, United Kingdom, South Africa, the Middle East, and Asia.

With her brilliant creativity, she has been collaborated her style and magnificent creations along with the top-notch architects, engineers, interior designers, and coordinators which has been very well selected with international standards of manpower strategy to be part of her team, Luxury Antonovich Design professionals. Luxury Antonovich Group as an international company, including Luxury Antonovich Design with the head office in Dubai, Luxury Antonovich Design in Miami and Luxury Antonovich Home KA Showroom in Dubai provides bespoke design services in the UAE, USA, Europe and Africa. The talented team of creative, skilled, and dedicated professionals handles every client’s requirements and preferences on an individual basis delivering highly effective project solutions.

Luxury Interior design Creations by Katrina Antonovich

With great leadership and directory, Ms Katrina Antonovich has managed to remain the Luxury Antonovich Design is the top Architecture, Engineering and interior design Company in the UAE. Luxury Antonovich Design has developed into a fully integrated practice providing Structural, Architectural, Interior Design, Value Engineering, Fit-out and Project Management services on a wide variety of prestigious construction projects thanks to the group of highly qualified and experienced Architects, Engineers and Project Managers, all experts in the respective disciplines. As the top architecture and interior design company in Dubai, Luxury Antonovich Design the team is performing outstanding executions towards every work as it engaged to a world-class design trendsetter, and with that continuously successful set of work performance, Ms Katrina Antonovich has been decided to open her door to the public to her very own furniture line showroom and furniture store in Dubai, Luxury Antonovich Home was in all her creations, collections and exclusive designs are being showcased. Luxury Antonovich Home has become very well known for signature style and customized furniture design.

Luxury Antonovich Home by Katrina Antonovich

Luxury Antonovich home has the widest collection of luxury furniture design, decorations, home accessories, and full interior design materials. Every furniture design and decorations that the KA Furniture Showroom Dubai is showcasing is very well suitable for any type of interior design a concept such as modern, contemporary, and classic design that will be suitable for all types of projects either it is for residential, commercial, hospitality, industrial, etc. As the top furniture showroom Dubai, KA furniture showroom Dubai is also showcasing the top quality royal furniture design which has been made up of premium class materials and the highest quality of finishing. Royal furniture design is very in demand for every luxury villas in Dubai as it also represents an Arabic inspired furniture design. Royal furniture design will fill in every classic interior design concept which has the highest requirement and demand in design arrangement.

Luxury Antonovich Home has its manufacturing and factory that has the full ability to produce royal furniture and all types of the furniture design concept. It has been the direct supplier of luxury furniture brands such as FENDI Casa, Versace Home, Roberto Cavalli, etc. That is the reason why KA furniture showroom Dubai has been the top furniture showroom Dubai as it assures that every furniture and decorations are all made up of the highest quality and premium class materials. Its manufacturing and factory have been composed of the world’s top furniture designers and production team that is performing very skillful and artistic creations in the form of different furniture masterpieces. Every luxurious art piece decorations and royal furniture design will be exclusively for KA Furniture Showroom Dubai as signature furniture named after the Chief Designer and the CEO – Katrina Antonovich, “KA Brand”.


As a Chief Designer, Architect, Engineer, and CEO of the company, her obligation as a leader have come up to become a great provider of intellectual art and design towards every project. Providing excellent services and best design solutions for every client is what makes her inspired to work extra harder and deliver the best interior design setting according to every requirement. From the space planning development, construction procedures, architectural and interior design set up, exterior and landscaping design, fit-out work, engineering works, up to the turnkey solutions, Katrina Antonovich is always making sure that the team is always delivering the best design result accordingly to be able to meet every client’s great satisfaction. Her mission is to keep Luxury Antonovich Design is the top interior design company in Dubai that provides world-class services and solutions towards every project. Katrina Antonovich aims to help every client to achieve their dream home or property to reality. By providing the best quality of work and design solutions, Katrina Antonovich assures that every client will exceed their expectations.


In this modern society, Katrina Antonovich has a great vision to level up the competence of the architecture and interior design in the world. Luxury Antonovich Design continuously creating a world-class architecture and interior design will contribute a great opportunity by embracing the new technologies and the latest aesthetic creations that have been implied in every project that the team is handling. Katrina Antonovich keeps inspiring her team to never stop learning new ideas and possibilities that will contribute to the latest trend and modern art towards every project. Katrina Antonovich has been always envisioning herself as a fashion, design, and a living art icon that contributes a great positive impact on the world of the modern art society. Dream it, and she will deliver.