List of Famous Interior Designers

World’s Top Interior Designers

No matter where you are in the world, make sure that you know the top interior designers that you may need, either will help you achieve your dream home come true, let you accomplish the best interior design for your offices, luxury hotels, or commercial establishments. In this article, we have opened up to the readers the world’s top interior designers and their specialties. Get to know more of the best interior designers that need to follow in 2020. Be inspired by their marvellous creations and project design that will make you discover the ones that best fit your requirements or lifestyle.

As we have gathered the huge names and personalities in the world of architectural and interior design, this list of the famous interior designers will let you know their creative background and their different perceptions when it comes to interior designing. This list is the current ranking of the world’s top interior designer’s base on the number of accomplished projects and satisfaction received from their clients. This interior designer has been completed abundant project that has been very well executed base on the international standards of architectural and interior design.

  1. Katrina Antonovich – CEO, Engineer, Architect and Chief Designer of Luxury Antonovich Design/ Owner – Luxury Antonovich Home, KA Furniture Brand

A Dubai based interior design and fashion icon that is very famous in her keen influence towards aesthetic form of architecture and interior design world. Katrina Antonovich is the author of the top luxurious hotel interior design international, she has been engaged with and accomplished a set of prestigious palaces in South Africa owned by the VIP’s and government leaders, Katrina Antonovich is the top choice of every the royal family in the middle east in developing their private villas with an Arabian style. She has developed different modern interior design for apartments with the most exclusive design. As the CEO, Engineer, Architect and Chief Designer of Luxury Antonovich Design, Katrina Antonovich is always making sure that she is very hands-on with every design progress that her team is handling for locals and international projects. With the very meticulous selections of manpower force, Katrina Antonovich only works with the top professional and talented team of Luxury Antonovich Design — the architectural and interior design company will implement interior and exterior solutions of any complexity, fill the interior design requirement with a very unique design taste that develops extends the interior design services to landscaping, completing the property and conducting architectural supervision. Katrina Antonovich always maintaining the best qualifications and creative approach to the design of home interiors and fit-out implies a harmonious combination of architecture and the interior image of the premises. Our team individually approaches each project to create a harmonious space inside you home and beyond.

  1. Jean-Louis Deniot – is a French interior designer and architect born on August 27, 1974, in Paris

He is very well known for his prestigious and contemporary concept. He manages to work with the renovations and undertaking apartment restorations gave him credibility and self-confidence to open his interior design agency. Deniot’s specialty in interior design that is ranging from a classical to a contemporary style. He does masterfully combines patterns, textures, materials, and pieces from different periods to achieve a breath-taking elegance.

  1. Kelly Wearstler – Founder of her own design firm, “Kelly Wearstler Interior Design”

An American interior designer that has the highest reputation in California and New York. Her playful, elegantly over-the-top designs for the Avalon Beverly Hills changed the look of boutique hotels around the world. Kelly Wearstler is very well known as the top choice of every American celebrity that develops their private properties. Her eponymous luxury lifestyle brand incorporates her own designs as well as pieces she finds at auction houses, and she sells her own furniture, lighting, home accessories. Kelly Wearstler is currently engaged with different design developments for hospitality and commercial establishments.

  1. Ivar Krasinski, AIA, APA – Founding Partner and Design Director of EDGE Design

EDGE Design in Architecture and Interior design Company based in Dubai, Ivar Krasinski is a former partner and design leader with major firms including HOK, Burt, Hill, and Stantec. He previously works as a lead designer of some prestigious projects such as the Yankee Stadium in New York. EDGE Dubai is known for its great developed commercial and hospitality properties such as the Tomini Classics Showroom, Hotels and Restaurants in Dubai and GEMS Head Quarters.

  1. Cecilia Clason – The Founder and a self-owned interior design firm in Dubai, CCI – Cecilia Clason Interiors

The Cecilia Clason Interiors specialty has been focussed on prime hotels and residential establishments in Dubai. CCI is the great provider of Luxury interiors in modern design with the latest trend of style. Over the years of interior design experience, Cecilia Clason has become truly passionate about her chosen field. Cecilia Clason is known as versatility and sophistication towards her work.

Selecting the Best Interior Designer

When it comes to the Architectural and Interior Design industry, it is always very important to have precise information and accurate idea about the top personalities deals on it, Whether you have your very own property to build, a dream home to achieve, redecorating your workplace or offices, developing hospitality and commercial establishment, knowing the best people for your selections will surely help you to decide the best design ideas and solutions. Even every interior designers have their own personalities and design perceptions, they are offering different types of services and specialties that may lead to a comparison on how it can be matched with the requirement of the client or property owner.

Always remember that it is always important to select the best interior designer that is performing the exact services and style that you need. Having a quick background study about what they have previously accomplished projects and the stability of their company is well enough to be your basis for selecting the best one. As you will be selecting the Interior designer that will be your partner to achieve your dream home, property, or business their capabilities and competence is what will bring out the best result that will surely satisfy your taste.