Famous Interior Designers in Dubai: 2020 list

The year 2020 list of Dubai’s top famous interior designers

Behind the fascinating skyscrapers and amazing interior design of every luxury establishment in Dubai, there is a set of different teams that worked very hard with full of passion and creativity which has been instructed and lead by top interior designers. Interior designers perform the systematic planning, design, and complete the full furnishing arrangement for residential, commercials, offices, and hospitality or industrial buildings. Interior designers have been specialized in the study of architectural and interior designing that formulates the practical structure, aesthetic, and conducive to intended purposes. The Interior designer’s base in Dubai has a very challenging task at the same time gives them extra merit as the architectural and interior design requirement in the city has very high standards in style and every composition. Here is the top of the list of the year 2020’s famous interior designers in Dubai.


  1. Katrina Antonovich

Ms. Katrina Antonovich is the CEO and Chief Designer of the Luxury Antonovich Design Company in Dubai that has been very well known as the Cities top interior design Company that develops and continuously developing prime projects for government establishments, hospitality, commercial, private villas, mosque, modern apartments, and more. With its exceptional work performance and dedication towards every progress, Luxury Antonovich Design has become always the first choice for locals, foreigners and investors when it comes to developing their properties. Ms. Katrina Antonovich is from the aristocratic family that is very famous in architecture, engineering and interior design business all over the world. No doubt that Ms Katrina has her natural creativity and artistic mind that has been diverted into every work of art that she is performing.

What is her secret that keeps her the number 1 interior designer in Dubai?

In every single project that the Luxury Antonovich Design Company is dealing with, Ms Katrina Antonovich is always making sure that she performing special touches of her style. Indeed, Ms. Katrina is very hands-on when it comes to every project development and even with the full design operations of the company. She is always making sure to be involved in every stages of project progress from the planning stage up to the turnkey. Ms Katrina is also doing her project visit during every supervision stages of the project to make sure that everything will be accomplished accordingly with a flawless result.  With her genius ability to perform excellent creations, Katrina Antonovich ensures that every project that the Luxury Antonovich Design performs the world class standards from the engineering work, architectural design, fit-out work, interior design arrangement, Furniture design solutions, and full project development from A to Z. Her effective leadership has been recognized again with the recent Reward from Asia Pacific Property Awards as “AWARD WINNER – Retail Interior in Dubai UAE awarded for Luxury Antonovich Design year 2019 – 2020.


  1. Joakim De Ram

Is a Swiss interior architect, Co-Founder, and CEO of Swiss Bureau Interior design Build. Mr Joakim De Ram is being directed his more than 50 talented professionals and over 20 different nationalities. Swiss Bureau Interior design Build Company has been developed different types of commercial and industrial interiors with a modern touch of style using the latest art and technology. SBID has grown from a medium-sized studio to be a market-leading design consultancy and fit-out contractor in Dubai. Swiss Bureau Interior design Build is continuously offering their services and interior design in Dubai that feature the latest trend and style.

  1. Beth Cambell

Campbell earned a Bachelor of Architecture degree from Kent State University and a Master of Business Administration degree from Golden Gate University, in addition to being LEED-certified and a registered architect. She is currently the CEO of Wilson Associates, an international interior design company that opens its door in Dubai with experienced group creative professionals in 11 design studios around the world, transforming innovative concepts into unique and powerful experiences.

  1. Stuart Allen


As the Managing Director and Founder of the Allen Architecture and Interior Design, his leadership has been created different types of architecture and design projects that provide clients with thoughtful, high quality, bespoke solutions delivered with confidence and integrity that has brought to Dubai. AAID is an established international design entity that creates architecture, interiors, and design projects for a broad portfolio of cultural, commercial, residential, retail, hospitality, and education clients.


  1. Eng. Tareq Skaik

He is the head of the Design Department of Algedra Interior Design Dubai with a licensed certified interior designer. Eng. Tareq has recently focussed on residential, hospitality, commercial, and corporate design. Algedra Group has consistently been involved in the development of the GCC construction market and recognized as one of the best interior design companies.


Best Interior Designers in Dubai

The role of every interior designer is very important in every project developments most especially for an interior design that requires the highest standards of interior arrangements and setting. Always remember that in every successful interior design set up with the most luxurious style, there is always an interior design expert behind it. Henceforth the success of every glamorous and prestigious interior design set up is teamwork that credits every person behind it; therefore, there is always a great leader that drives the full journey of success into very smooth sailing. Having a great interior designer in every project will always lead to a very successful design results. The provided list of the top interior designers in Dubai may contribute short tips and suggestions in deciding for the right selections of the best interior design providers in the city. Every interior designer has their specialties and superior talents that may suit different types of project requirements. It is important to know that the company that has a reliable leader always bring out the best and outstanding result, and in the world of architectural and interior design, clients or the property owners always have their free choices and decisions in selecting the best company and people that will be part of their journey to achieve their dream home or develop the best interior design for every property.