Interiors design company in Dubai – How to choose the best company?

Selecting the Best Interior Design Company in Dubai

When it comes to architectural, engineering, and interior design services, the city of Dubai indeed has a lot to offer. As it has been considered as the center of business and diversity, skyscrapers, luxury houses, world-class malls, prestigious hotels, and resorts are being located at the heart of the city. Local residents, investors, and businessman has been always selecting Dubai as their first choice to invest their business and even permanently reside in as it offers not only a luxury lifestyle but also the best security.

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اذا كانت لديك الرغبة في إعادة تطوير شقتك أو منزلك وتغيير مظهر الشقة القديمة والعادية . وتريد تحسين التصميم الداخلي كله او بعض التفاصيل فان بالطبع شركة لاكشري أنتونوفيتش ديزاين هي أفضل مساعد لك حيث تعمل شركتنا في مجال التصميم الداخلي والمعماري وتصميم المناظر المعمارية وإدارة المشاريع ويتواجد المكتب الرئيسي لها في دبي ويوجد ايضا فروع لنا في ميامي والولايات المتحدة شركات تصميم داخلي.

No matter the economic trials may come, Dubai will surely remain standing tall and proud with its continued success and a very strong foundation when it comes to business and all types of the trade industry. That would be the reason why most of the architectural and interior design company in Dubai is continuously experiencing success with their local and international operations and services not only in Dubai but in the UAE, neighboring Arab countries, and all parts of the world. Looking for work? Check

The continues growth of architectural and interior design companies has brought up a lot of opportunities for business owners, engineers, architects, and interior designers to introduce different sorts of specializations and services that they are offering. However, it has become a challenging task at the same time brings an extra excitement for every interior designers and customers to select the best interior design company that will bring out the best services and requirement according to their need. In this article, we have introduced the top interior design companies in Dubai that offer different services and specialties when it comes to interior design.

Luxury Antonovich Design

Interior design company Luxury Antonovich Design - CEO Katrina Antonovich

This highly reputable company very well-known not only in Dubai but in the entire UAE and international world of architectural and interior design industries. As it is the creator of the world’s finest Hotels, Palaces, Huge villas, apartments, commercial interior design spaces, Hospital, and clinic interiors, different architectural design and more. Luxury Antonovich Design is continuously delivering its Excellency in architectural and interior design industry having the best team which is composed of a world’s top-notch Engineers, architects and interior designers that have the full ability to perform a world-class interior design projects. Luxury Antonovich Design has become the first choice of every client in locals and international investors to develop their properties to achieve the most desired interior design located in the city. Luxury Antonovich Design is featuring the following interior design concepts;

Classic Interior Design – Luxury Antonovich Design specializes a classical themed interior design which is very in demand for palaces, Arabian style villas, royal style interiors, and luxury hotels. Classic interior design also reflects a traditional Arabian interior design with the very detailed carvings and style in a royal style setting.

Contemporary Interior Design – This is commonly being selected in developing luxury villas, apartments, and sometimes even in offices. Luxury Antonovich design has the most professional and world-class competitive team that has the ability to perform different interior design arrangements as well as contemporary interior design. The team is always developing every interior design arrangement such as for contemporary style according to the requirement of the client. As the top professional team, the goal is to perform and deliver the most desirable interior design arrangement with the best accuracy in style with luxurious contemporary interiors.

Modern Interior design – Luxury Antonovich Design has the top interior designers that have the full ability to perform a strategic interior design arrangement as well as embracing the structure of style and modernity. The best interior design team is continuously doing its advanced study to develop new ideas and the latest technology to be able to perform a modern interior design set up according to every requirement either it is for a residential, commercial, industrial, or even for hospitality interiors.

List of services offered by Luxury Antonovich Design

  1. Fit-out work solutions
  2. Interior design services
  3. Space planning, master planning
  4. Architectural design
  5. Engineering works
  6. Furniture and materials supply
  7. Supervision services
  8. Turnkey
  9. Joinery works and services
  10. Customizing furniture and production, installation

Mano Technical Services LLC.

Specializes in interior design for offices, residential interiors, hospitality, and health care facility in the modern or contemporary interior design setup. They have a management team that delivers from simple to complex solutions at the same time is ensuring budget productions. Mano Technical Serviced LLC. Is the developer of the Regal tower Lobby in Dubai.

Scope of works offered by Mano Technical Services LLC.

  1. Total fit-out projects
  2. Joinery and carpentry
  3. Custom furniture
  4. Marine interiors

AEON (Intelligent Space)

As a young interior design and fit-out work provider, AEON (Intelligent Space) has been introduced a dynamic and innovative environment to reshape the living and working spaces into an efficient design. AEON (Intelligent Space has focussed on developing architectural, interior design, and fit-out work solutions for shops and other commercial establishments with luxury and modern design. AEON (Intelligent Space) has years of collaboration along with the following commercial establishments in Dubai by developing a complete interior design solution;

  1. Chalhoub Group
  2. 32 Group
  3. Hitachi LTD
  4. SunGard System
  5. Fendi
  6. Landmark Group

How to choose the best interior design Company in Dubai?

For a huge project or redecorating your space, it is always advisable to consult an interior design specialist in Dubai, as they know the best interior design arrangement and set up according to the concept design. To achieve the accurate interior design arrangement will provide a natural style and comfort that will suits your personality and style, after all, it is very important to achieve the best interior design setup that reflects your lifestyle. Though selecting the best interior design company to assist you might be not a very simple task, always remember that an interior design company that has a huge number of experience with a reputable institution, not only in local and international will surely provide the best services according to your requirement. On the other hand, always remember that your personal style always matters no matter what would be the concept design of the interior you are requiring. The interior design company will only provide you the full services and assistance on how to achieve your desired interior design in the most appropriate design arrangement and proper spacing. Interior Design Company will provide the full services and executions from A to Z that will let you experience a hassle-free journey towards achieving your dream space design.