Top 10 Interior Companies in Dubai

List of the Best Interior Design Company in Dubai

Selecting the best interior design company in Dubai was indeed such a challenging task, Either you wish to start developing your dream home, redecorate your interiors, office renovations, Hospitality interior design and other commercial interior set up management, it is very important to make sure that you will be selecting the most reliable interior design company in Dubai that will surely sustain the full requirement that you need. If you have a property to develop in Dubai, either it is a residential, commercial, hospitality or offices, it is always advisable to consult to an interior design specialist or company that will provide the full executions and development. Dubai is one of the most prime cities in the world that always require the highest standard in style and every composition detail when it comes to architectural and interior design. In this article, we have provided the top 10 list of the best interior design company in Dubai with their different design specialties and services.


NO.1 Luxury Antonovich Design

Luxury Antonovich Design is one of the most leading Architectural and interior design Companies all over the world. Over more than 20 years of international experience in developing projects from the highly profiled personalities and institutions all over the world, Luxury Antonovich Design has been proven their capacity to perform the absolute project developments in every architectural and interior design management and procedures not only in Dubai but also in the international. Luxury Antonovich Design is being managed and directed by the most reputable personalities and professionals that have been specialized in their ability to perform every professional work in the international institutions of architectural, engineering, and interior design. Luxury Antonovich Design currently provides design and architecture services in the Middle East, USA, Nigeria, and Russia. The company’s headquarters are in Dubai, Miami, and London.

Luxury Antonovich Design has a great passion for excellence as they perform every interior design development with systematic procedures to be able to achieve the best results. Luxury Antonovich Design is very popular in developing a huge interior design project such as palaces, hotels, huge villas, modern apartments, offices, hospitals and clinic interiors, yacht, and mosque not only in Dubai but also internationally. That would be the great reason why Luxury Antonovich Design has been always the first choice for locals and foreigners who wished to develop their properties in Dubai. Luxury Antonovich Design is very well known in specializing classical interior design arrangements which are also very suitable for a royal Arabian interior design concept which is very in demand in Dubai. Meanwhile, the Luxury Antonovich design Team never stops in exploring and developing new ideas as they continue developing new forms of art and design that will be suitable for every contemporary and modern interior design setting.

Popular Services by Luxury Antonovich Design

  1. Space planning – For a full project development requirement with a detailed interior design necessity, Luxury Antonovich Design is offering a full project development that will be starting in space planning. Luxury Antonovich design has the most professional teat that processes the full functions to work effectively together while using space efficiently. Remember that the success of every interior design always started from the strategic space planning that will maximize every area. There will be a development of the actual layout and the full project drawing of all divisions and aspects.
  2. Project development – Since that the Luxury Antonovich Design has the top-notch the team that can perform the most effective and precise development, The full interior design set up will surely achieve a desirable setting. The developed layout and full project drawing will be the main basis of the arrangement for the project development. Space planning and project development are performed by the estimator, engineer, and architects.


  1. Interior design arrangement – The furniture layout which is one of the major parts of the planning will be the basis of how the interior design arrangement will be performed. Luxury Antonovich Design has expert 3D visualization that creates and design different high-end interior design presentation that will be offered to the client for approval, wherein all interior design features, as well as the full decorations and furniture, will be accurate to the client’s requirement.
  2. Fit-out work – Luxury Antonovich design has been very well known as the top provider of Fit-out work solutions in Dubai and international as it provides comprehensive services for the construction of houses “turnkey”.
  3. Smart home system – Luxury Antonovich Design has been introduced the advanced technology for home automation that secures the home as it controls the gate, doors lock, and CCTV cameras all over the house. A smart home system can control the Air conditioning, lighting, sounds curtains, and even the full operation for the home theatre. Everything can be installed and connected to the owner’s tablets or smartphones.


  1. Selection of furniture and materials – It has become a great advantage for the Luxury Antonovich Design to have their manufacturing and factory for all types of luxury furniture’s and materials that will be required in completing every an interior design concept in all sorts projects either it is for residential, commercial, Hospitality, or industrial interiors. Every client will surely experience a hassle-free experience with Antonovich Design as they are providing full services in developing their interior design from A to Z. Clients will enjoy the great opportunity to select the best materials and furniture design in high quality and exclusive design as they have their very own showroom where all the materials, furniture, decorations, and accessories are being showcased.
  2. Supervision – Every the project will be divided into stages according to the approved project plan by the client, wherein, the project manager along with the engineers, architect and Chief Designer herself will be visiting the site and supervised if the full project development will be completely done according to the proposed and approved design and arrangements.
  3. Handover – The final stage of the project where the full procedure has been successfully accomplished and the owner can move at any time.



No. 2 Al Zaher Interiors

Al Zaher Interiors is known for developing commercial and industrial projects with contemporary and modern interiors such as salon, spa, hotel lobby, shops, restaurants, offices, private apartments, etc. Al Zaher Interiors have a skilled team of workers comprising of civil and MEP technicians. Our dedicated team of sales, administration, logistics, project, procurement and after-sales service manage the entire process from start to handover, ensuring the smooth completion of the project and on the right TIME.

Services provided by Al Zaher Interiors

  1. Design
  2. Construction
  3. Project Management
  4. Joinery and furniture

No. 3 Ox Interior Design LLC

It specialized the services providing developments for Luxury hotels and other commercial industries. Ox Interior Design LLC features three major philosophy which is the innovation, transformation, and excellence which is stands for:

Innovation – Change your interior space with an imaginative modern custom design solution.

Transformation – Revolutionize your understanding of interior design with their innovative modern concept

Excellence – Enhance your interior design space with their services giving you the perfect space you deserve.


No. 4 Zylus Interior Design

Introducing the first online interior design platform in The Middle East, Zylus Interior design provides the innovative service is easy to use, convenient, quick and affordable making it the ideal approach to home interior design. Whether you desire luxurious villa interiors or unique elegant apartment design, our professional team of highly experienced designers will help you create striking personalized homes, suited to your taste and lifestyle.



No. 5 BHL Interior Design

Is offering services in Interior Design & Fit-out Works. With intellectual interior designs for Office Interior Design, Bedroom Interior Design, Showroom Interior Design, Villas Interior Design, Turnkey Solutions & Office Fit Out.

Services offered by BHL Interior Design

  • Office Renovation
  • Home Renovation
  • Kitchen Renovation
  • Bathroom Renovation
  • Living Room Interior Design
  • False Ceiling Contractor Work
  • Aluminium Fabrication Works
  • Gypsum Partition Work
  • Glass door work
  • Fit-Out Contractors
  • Interior Decoration
  • Turnkey Solutions

No.6 Excel Project Solutions

Excel project Solutions is an interior design and drafting firm with a subsidiary of the excel group of companies. They have experienced staffs that is well conversant in carrying out various interior fit-out and design services. Excel aims to provide its clients with unparalleled professional service delivering good value for money.


  • CAD Drafting
  • CAD Outsourcing
  • Paper to CAD
  • Office Space plans
  • Interior design
  • Interior 3D rendering


No. 7 Falcon Interior Decoration LLC.

Falcon Interior Decoration is one of the leading Interior Design & Fit-out Contracting Company based in Dubai with an exceptional reputation for providing innovative, quality and extraordinary designs and services across all interior design and fit-out solutions as a commercial, hospitality, residential, and joinery.

How they work:

  • Meeting and understanding clients Requirements
  • Developing Concept design
  • Design Submission for Client approval
  • Technical and product specifications
  • Work on Site
  • Inspection & Handover

No. 8 S3T Concepts

This company specialized in commercial interior design such as restaurants, food carts, exhibition kiosks, hotel lobbies, modern apartments, clinics, offices, and more. S3T Concepts has a professional team that provides extensive experience towards every client and complete turnkey solutions.

Services and specialties:

  • Commercial Interior Design Services
  • Residential Interior Design Services
  • Hotel Interior Design Services
  • Interior Fit Out Solutions & Services
  • Joinery Solutions & Services

No. 9 Swiss Bureau Interior Design and Build

This company has introduced the latest interior design ideas and technologies specialize for every commercial establishment, Hospitals and clinic, lobbies, public areas, and even residential interiors as the features A very trendy style and modern design arrangement for every interior. So if you have any seeking for fresh interior design ideas, Swiss Bureau Interior Design and Build might be the best provider that you need.

They Specialize in Services:

  • Commercial
  • Public
  • Hospitality
  • Residential




No. 10 SMD Interior Design LLC.

Offers high-end interior design services that focus on huge commercial establishments such as malls, luxury shops, Hospitals, and more. SMD Interior design provides full project management and consultancy services.

List of Expertise:

  • Retail
  • Food & Beverage
  • Healthcare
  • Corporate
  • Residential
  • FMCG
  • Institutional
  • Entertainment & Leisure
  • Master planning & urban design

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